Thursday, January 29, 2009

THANK YOU, for helping us grow last year!


Every year, Blooms & Berries grows. We grow beautiful hanging baskets, delicious produce, a huge corn maze, and our business. This past year was exceptional though. Despite the rough economy we increased Spring sales, opened a successful second produce location, grew sales at our main produce location and grew 'Fall On The Farm' sales as well. I have to say it, we just love to grow! We feel it is not only because we make it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but because you've stayed with us through thick and thin, shopped on rainy days, waited for us to open on busy days and drove the few extra miles for the Blooms & Berries experience. For that, we say "THANK YOU", we appreciate it greatly. If you have any ideas to help us keep growing, please leave them in the comment section of the blog, or email After-all, we wouldn't be here without your support.

P.S. I want this to be an interative blog... so please... interact!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Confessions of Blooms & Berries in the Winter

Ok, So I'm torn, it's bout negative 50 degrees outside and I'm looking forward to spring coming, as in 'it should have been here yesterday'. But at the same time, I have so many ideas to implement in 2009, that I need another 6 months just to get them organized and implemented. For instance, I want to re-vamp the email list to make it more user friendly and give gift certificates on my customer's birthdays. I want to implement an online store to buy fresh turkeys and Amish pies this upcoming wintertime, and maybe even tropical fruit that matches the quality of our summer fruit instead of the junk found at grocery stores this time of year. I want to create a butterfly garden with real butterflies this spring in order to teach you how to put one in at home. I need to build another greenhouse, and I have to fix the one we lost in the September windstorm. I need to get ready for the Cincinnati Flower show (in Symmes park this year, right here in Loveland) and I want to organize and implement 2 or 3 Free or cheap gardening classes this spring. I'm trying to hire 1 or 2 interns to plant and maintain strawberries and raspberries for 2010 and blueberries for a few more years out. I also want to start a platform that will allow my produce customers to confidentially submit their cell number as a way to receive a text coupon, recipe or produce tip about once a week. At the same time, Cathy (mom) is taking care of Taxes, greenhouse plant ordering and our Fall mum order to say the least. Soon, our basement will be filled with her little baby plants. And you wondered what we do all winter ;-) I'm hoping to continue to maintain this blog as a window into my mind and as a way for you to tell me what you want to see from the business. If you like or dislike any of these ideas, tell me, if you had an experience at the farm that was memorable both good or bad, tell me. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, or just want to visit us online, visit Until next time...